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Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success.


Emergency service response systems are a critical component of any nation’s healthcare and security systems. Minutes or even seconds can mean the difference between life or death.


39 Years of design, continuous development and in-house manufacturing of communications systems give us the hard-earned edge in ensuring the best possible combined human and machine response times.


South Africa has a rich history and heritage of incredible inventions and creativity throughout the decades. Yes, South Africa is known for inventions like Pratley Putty and Smartlocke Safety Syringes.... and easily we take claim for Elon Musk and his Tesla and Space X inventions. But to celebrate and inspire your creativity in our industry, here is a list of 10 of the most notable Electronic inventions that came from South African Inventors and which changed the world (in our opinion) for the better (in no particular order):


  1. The CAT/CT Scanner 

  2. The Retinal Cryoprobe

  3. The APS Therapy Machine

  4. The Speed Gun

  5. The Automatic Pool Cleaner (Kreepy Krauly)

  6. The Shark Shield

  7. The CyberTracker

  8. The Tellurometer

  9. The Complex Computerized Reservation System (Computicket)

  10. The Digital Laser 

  11. Oil from Coal

  12. Transplant of 3D Printed Bones

  13. Biomediical Stem Cell Technoloty

  14. Uranium enrichment process

  15. Ubuntu Linux Operting System - to just name a few.


COLTRON, as a South African Based company, can now add its WORLD FIRST fully BROWSER BASED Emergency Communication System for the Emergency and Disaster Management services providing the versatility of using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to access switching equipment,  from anywhere in the world to the long list of South African achievements. 


We salute South African inventors and every other inventor in the industry making world-changing discoveries, products and inventions in your spheres.



First established in South Africa in 1982, the company’s main function is the Design and Manufacture of Specialised Electronic Communication Equipment alongside the development of Specialised Software applications for Call taking and Dispatch Centers.


We pride ourselves with expert Technical Abilities by employing highly skilled technical staff enabling us to boast our Company Strength to be the engineering of tailor-made products to our clients’ exact requirements.


Innovative Electronic Engineering and Design earned the company multiple awards.


The company launched the worlds’ first-ever fully digital, web-based Emergency and Disaster Management Communication System in 2018, a groundbreaking achievement in Situational Awareness.


The company successfully established itself by producing Voice Switch products for Financial Institutions.


The target market expanded to Disaster Management and Control Room environments eventually necessitating the development of a more universal platform to adequately service these diverse markets including the Electricity Supply Commission of South Africa.


TORNADO MRCC Multi-role Communication System was developed in conjunction  with, and to the specification of the Electricity Supply Commission of South Africa (ESKOM).  This system provided a hardware platform to which any specialized circuit interface could be added and software, which could be uniquely programmed to suit each client’s specific requirements. 





  • TOMA Award - 

(The Outstanding Manufacturer Awards).



  • SABS Design Award (Engineering Design Excellence - for the Tornado MRCC System).



  • Police Services Acknowledgement Awards.



  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards.



  • Department of Trade and Industry Acknowledgements.



  • Various Service Excellence Acknowledgements.

  • Voted ‘Partner of Choice’ –in Situational Awareness Technology

  • ISO Word leader in Situational Awareness Technology Paving the way in Design Excellence into the future



The system is capable of expansion to 1 024 circuits with 200 operator stations (and growing with ongoing development) in modular form.  The diversity of the system earned this product a Design Award in the Electronics field for Engineering Design Excellence from the South African Bureau of Standards and an Outstanding Manufacturers Award from TOMA.


Additional software products were added to integrate the system with networks of PC’s providing database support and control functions. 


This product has been supplied to a variety of markets including ESKOM, Financial Institutions, the Defense and Police Force, Fire departments, Ambulance services, and Traffic Police. 


The product successfully functions in various Emergency and Disaster Management Services control Rooms around the country as well as at all of ESKOM major control centres in South Africa.  Continued development has enabled ESKOM to more efficiently manage their entire communication network.


A software division was established to provide World leading Situational Awareness systems for Call taking, Dispatch and Disaster Management Software and Specialised Database requirements.



COLTRON offers Situational Awareness Technology not surpassed by any company internationally.

Coltron is the only company that can offer a fully digital browser-based solution, incorporating all known types of circuits, for emergency and disaster management services.



COLTRON was the first company and still is the only company, to have launched a system that combines radio and telephone communications, regardless of the types of circuits, digital or analogue, into a single multi-role communication system.



Systems are engineered to allow client specific requirements.  The choice to deploy a browser-based or conventional client-server front end.



COLTRON offers a radio and telephony communication switch which incorporates a state of the art call taking and dispatch system for emergency and disaster management services.

Both Call-Taking and Dispatch can be effected by a single multi-role operator console position.



The Tornado MRCC offers the users the ability to log into the system and operate with full centre functionality from anywhere in the country or world. 


All that is required by the user to gain remote access to FULL centre functionality is a smart device, or laptop with internet access off-site or a network connection if working in a different location on the same site.

Forward Command vehicles do not require any equipment other than an internet connection or a point to point IP connection to the main centre to have full access to all radio and telephony circuits available in the control centre.


In the event of centre evacuation for any reason, users can relocate and be seated anywhere on or offsite providing that they have an internet connection or a point to point IP connection and a smart device without losing any centre functionality.



All critical elements of the system are supplied with Hot Stand-by redundant backup modules. (Primary power supplies, secondary power supplies, main controllers and servers).


In the event that staff cannot gain physical access to a call taking centre as a result of, for example; riots, strikes, boycotts, fumigation, centre refurbishment or similar events, users of browser-based consoles can report to any secure location which is connected on the WAN and log in to the centre remotely, as if they were seated at their normal stations in the centre.


The staff will then have full access to the console operations from which they normally operate.

There is no need to re-route incoming telephone lines or radio channels in order to achieve full systems functionality, indeed a building normally not occupied as a call centre can be set up as a temporary call centre using either a desktop or laptop with a headset. No other equipment is required.



Real-time and historical activity

Call statistics are available on a real-time basis in different formats -

Graphic pie charts, bar graphs, or text-based.


An unlimited number of dashboards can be employed around large centres, managers offices and at remote locations where required.


All centre statistic and real-time data can be viewed from any smart device.



System and user terminal health is monitored continuously with auto correction capability where possible and email/SMS notification of all out of norm conditions.


A Systems Administrator Dashboard allows on-site support personnel to monitor the status of the system.


Applications are also included to allow remote diagnosis and correction of PC computer terminals and servers.


Allows the systems administrator to monitor all systems statuses and its connected IT infrastructure in one location and provides real-time notifications of problems that may have occurred.



Proudly South African - with an International Footprint in all the major countries in the world.

  • Coltron is able to effect upgrades, client specific changes and enhancements without delay.

  • No threat of disinvestment as a result of political reasons.

  • All systems designed around existing and available infrastructure. 

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