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TORNADO MRCC™ presents the ability to link and interlink all or any number of roleplayers, centres and services directly with each other.

Coltron provides software modules for each dicipline (existing solutions can be interfaced)  Unlimited information sharing (HIE -Information Exchange) is made possible via the central database which is updated by either 'pushing' and 'pulling' relevant information from an unlimIted number of Health Care Data bases.



The Tornado Multirole Communication System combines all communication circuits into a single operator console.

This system provided a hardware platform to which any specialized circuit interface could be added and software, which could be uniquely Programmed to suit each client’s specific requirements. 

 The system is capable of expansion to 1024 circuits and 200 operator consoles in modular form.  This diversity earned this product the Excellence in Engineering Design Award in the electronics field the South African Bureau of Standards and an Outstanding Manufacturers Award from TOMA.

Additional software products were added to integrate the system with networks of PC’s providing database support and control functions. 

 This product has been supplied to a variety of markets including ESKOM, Financial Institutions, the Police Force, Fire departments, Ambulance services,  Traffic Police, Atomic Energy Boards and non-disclosable strategic installations.

 The product successfully functions in various Emergency and Disaster Management Services control Rooms around the country as well as at all of ESKOM major control centres in South Africa.   Continued development has enabled ESKOM to more efficiently manage their entire communication network. The TORNADO MRCC™ has also been deployed to various interanational control centres.

 A software division was established to provide Call Centre Call taking and Dispatch Software and Specialised Database requirements.


The multi-purpose application offers the following facilities to enable the Emergency Medical Services and COVID-19 response teams to instantly be aware of the medical emergency being experienced by any and all registered users.



  • User Profile

  • Medical History

  • Self-Screening

  • Screening Management

  • Remote Care Management

  • Population Health Management

  • Internal Communications

  • Contact Tracing

  • Isolation Management

  • Quarantine Management

  • Hospital – Notification | Beds Information | Outcome Update

  • Recovery Management

  • Dietary Management

  • Mortuary Services

  • Funeral Services

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Data Sharing


is a smartphone application available for download by any person. The application allows a person to register with the public health authorities, which include Local Disaster and Emergency Management Call Centres and Provincial / National Covid-19 Response Centres.


The application allows a person with a registered profile to instantly report a medical condition to the authorities.  The request for assistance or guidance is submitted to the relevant response centre along with the persons’ full medical profile/complete medical history, next of kin information,  physical address and actual GPS co-ordinate at the time of submitting the SOS,


UNITYLIFE™ does not only allow the patient to instantly call for help, it also provides first responders with the full details of the person, the actual description of symptoms/condition of the person and a precise location to respond to in the shortest possible period of time.

The interactive application gathers all patient information in UNITYSHARE™ (Health Information Exchange) module in a local / central database for access by Call Centre Agents, First responders and Health Care Professionals.

With permission from the relevant authority, all patient data is also available to:

The Department of Health  |  Hospitals  |  Contact Tracing personnel  |  Health Care Professionals working in the field  |  Isolation and Quarantine facilities personnel  |  Social Services  |The Centre for Disease Control  |  All other authorised bodies.

 Health care professionals access and update patient data via remote devices,  which could be either handheld devices (tablet or smartphone), laptop or desktop workstations.


The patients’ exact GPS Co-ordinates are transmitted together with the cell phone number and the request for assistance/guidance directly into UNITY EDMS™ at the call centre.  In the case of informal settlements which are generally not mapped, the GPS location being transmitted, allows a response team to locate a patient timeously and at an exact location.

UNITYLIFE™  Dependencies - Tornado MRCC™ and UNITY EDMS™


Please request documentation for a full product description.




CORE Server

The following services are included in the CORE Server Services -

•File Serving (Media and Host Files)

•Application Serving (Capture and Dispatch GUIs)

•Net/WebSocket Communication

•Serial / RS 232 Communications

•Data event-based routing

•Integration REST API

•Robust module management functions and data routing

•Inter-Server communication/duplication

CORE Browser Application Facilities –

•Call Taking/Data Capturing

•Resource Management and Dispatch

•Active Incident Handling

•Integrated Google Maps/OSM overlays System

•Map and Overlay management

•Staff and Asset Management

•Users / Personnel / Vehicle / Asset / Rostering

•Real-time Current Open Incidents Wallboard

•Real-time per incident timeline wallboard

•Detailed and Summary "One-Click" reports

  • Automated Scheduled Reporting and Emailing


  • (*UNITY EDMS allows the use of any handheld device (mobile terminal, directly connected to the core system in the response centre to be used in vehicles, waylaying the need to use MDT’s)

  • GPS Tracking mODULE

  • IPL Grid (Informal location protocol grid)

  • JOC Module

  • Social Media Integration Module

  • IOT Intefration Module

  • IT Network Monitorin Module

  • Chained Redundancy and Backup Module

  • RTC Coms Module

  • Block Chain Storage Module


UNITYEDMS™ is a software server suite that services the broad needs of Emergency Management and cooperation type industries by providing a solid browser-based interface to manage and monitor all aspects related to the documentation and real-time interfacing of Situational or Incident Based environments.

Core Facilities include

·Call Taking/Capturing 

·Resource Management and Dispatch

·Google Maps incorporated into the native GUI with GEOJSON support

·Easy interface for creating/changing markers and geo-fences.

·Resource and Asset management (Vehicles, Staff and Buildings)

·Real-time Interactive Dashboards

·Data push – to district, regional, provincial and national management

·Scalable Redundancy and backup features

·Full Cloud/Local Cross platform deployment.

The software utilizes Connection Hive™ techniques to establish and maintain free-flowing links between various hardware modules, such as Data Servers, Mobile Data Terminals and all other Software endpoints that ties into the current infrastructure.

Access to the system is not limited to internet (TCP based) connections but can interface with local hardware to employ Least Cost Routing of information by means of Digital Radios, LoRa, GSM and Wi-Fi, connecting at the core server and at devices such as MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals) and Cellphone Apps.


An API layer is included to allow access via different connection methods, like WebSocket's, REST APIs and Network Sockets to interrogate and influence the system.

The UNITY CORE module employs HTTPS protocols to encrypt data end to end when connected over Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE and converts to using a proprietary key encryption/decryption protocol when low level connections are active like LoRa and GSM.

Please request documentation for a full product description.

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